Alzheimer's Walk - Saturday, September 6


So we at Seniors Helping Seniors have been gearing up for this Saturday's walk for Alzheimer's.  We have raised more than $1500 and have a good sized team participating, including some of our caregivers.  We will have a booth set up for anyone who would like to come by and learn more about Seniors Helping Seniors, our services, how our caregivers are different and special etc... We will also be offering an opportunity to participants who play our Seniors Helping Seniors Bean Bag Toss Game to win 4 Primo Cardinal tickets donated by UMB come out and walk with us; support or team; come by our booth to win; enjoy the day and help a great cause dear to our hearts as caregivers.

Information about the walk is on the Alzheimer's website and on our FB page.  See you Saturday!