We believe that every senior citizen deserves compassionate, friendly care provided in their own home. Life grows challenging as you age, and Seniors Helping Seniors® West St. Louis County is here to help. We provide in-home senior care to the senior residents of St. Louis, Ballwin, Chesterfield, and the surrounding areas. Our seniors are matched with expert St. Louis caregivers who will assist you with a variety of non-medical care and day-to-day tasks. Give Seniors Helping Seniors® West St. Louis County a call today to learn more about why older adults of the St. Louis area are choosing us for their in-home senior care services!

We not only hire younger caregivers but other seniors as well, so our care providers are equipped to understand your needs and relate in a genuine way. It’s the solid relationships between our caregivers and clients that drive our compassionate in-home care. The caregivers at Seniors Helping Seniors® West St. Louis are dedicated to bringing folks together and helping make the lives of seniors in the St. Louis area happier, easier, and healthier.

We know just how important companionship is to maintain your health as you age. Not only have we noticed this during our years in business; it’s also backed up by science. Social withdrawal and poor health outcomes are higher for senior citizens who are isolated.

You may be spry and lively enough to handle groceries and other errands on your own, but it makes a world of difference to have a companion by your side, a caregiver to check-in, or even just a friend to share a cup of coffee and some conversation with. Our St. Louis care providers are proud to provide the compassionate and attentive care you deserve. We help seniors live safely, happily, and healthily, all while maintaining as much independence as possible.

Our caregivers at Seniors Helping Seniors® Gateway Region are – friendly, compassionate seniors who know the challenges that come with aging. We provide assistance to seniors in Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Afton, and surrounding areas. Learn more about our offerings below, or contact us today to get started!

In-Home Senior Care Services for a Loved One in West St. Louis

Giving your elderly relatives and loved ones the attention and compassionate care they deserve can be tricky when you’re juggling all of life’s daily tasks. Are you searching for senior care services for loved ones in need? Look no further. Seniors Helping Seniors® West St. Louis County is here to help.

We believe all seniors in the greater St. Louis area deserve the best possible care. We’ll lift some of the stress for you and make sure that care is delivered. Our team will match your loved one with care providers who have life-experience and are dedicated to assisting your elderly relatives with handling errands, housework, or meal prep and companionship. Tailoring our services to fit the needs of our clients is what sets us apart.

Whatever non-medical care your elderly loved one may need, our caregivers have you covered. It’s our pleasure to take care of any task, big or small because we know those little things make the biggest difference in the lives of those we help. Here are some of our most popular in-home senior care services for the St. Louis area:

· Transportation Assistance/Errands

· Meal Preparation

· Companionship and Conversation

· Dementia Care

· Light Housework

Our caregivers are available morning, noon, and night, and we’ll even stay overnight when necessary.

We’re meticulous with our matching services, making sure each client is matched with the best possible caregiver for their unique needs. Compatibility is the key to creating lasting, meaningful relationships that enrich the lives of not only our seniors but our care providers as well.

Give us a call today to find out more about our St. Louis in-home senior care services and discuss a tailored care plan for you or a loved one.

Around the House

Companionship Heading Image


Our caregivers enjoy friendly conversation and companionship when providing care for a fellow senior, as much as, the senior receiving care does. Regular interactions with a kind, friendly caregiver can help lift a senior's spirits and keep them mentally active and engaged.
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Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers can assist with light housekeeping services that include cleaning kitchens, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning interior windows that can be reached without a ladder, organizing closets and drawers, and general tidying around the home.
Cooking and Shopping Heading Image

Cooking and Shopping

If you’re only in need of a little help, you and your caregiver can prepare meals as a team, or go to the grocery store together. If you’re in need of more assistance, your caregiver can go to the grocery store and cook meals for you on their own.
Assistance with Personal Care Heading Image

Assistance with Personal Care

Our senior care providers are trained in personal care and daily living assistance, meaning that they provide help with eating and drinking, bathing and showering, toileting, dressing, and mobility assistance. Our caregivers take pride in delivering care in a manner that they themselves would desire from a care provider.
Pet Care Heading Image

Pet Care

Pets can be extremely important to a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Nevertheless, caring for a pet can become more challenging with age. Our caregivers can help ensure that pets are getting the attention they need to stay healthy and happy; by feeding and grooming pets, and taking dogs on walks.
Medication Reminders Heading Image

Medication Reminders

Adhering to any medication regimen prescribed by their doctor is extremely important for seniors. While our caregivers do not administer medication, they can provide reminders, read labels, and assist in opening packaging for seniors.
Mailing Letters and Bills Heading Image

Mailing Letters and Bills

Staying on top of correspondence becomes more challenging as we age. Our caregivers can help get cards, letters, and bills in the mail as requested by a senior.
Safety and Fall Prevention Heading Image

Safety and Fall Prevention

Falls can be very serious for seniors. Our caregivers look for potential tripping hazards and other injury risks when they visit a senior’s home, and can make corrections or recommend that a service provider is contacted.

Out and About

Escort to Appointments and Events Heading Image

Escort to Appointments and Events

Getting out to visit with friends, attend events, or keep appointments is great for a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. When a senior is unable to make trips on their own, our caregivers can provide transportation to things like doctor visits, beauty salon or barbershop appointments, social functions, family gatherings, etc.
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Running Errands

In addition to grocery shopping, our caregivers can run a variety of errands including dropping off mail at the post office, getting prescriptions and other necessities at the pharmacy, picking up dry cleaning, shopping for pet food, and more. You’re always welcome to ride along if you’d enjoy an easy, enjoyable trip around town!
Outings and Trips Heading Image

Outings and Trips

If you are wanting to get out and about for any reason, our caregivers can provide transportation to and from a destination. We can take a trip to a park, catch a movie, enjoy a concert, or even just go on a nice, casual cruise around town.

For Family Caregivers

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Heading Image

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

Caring for a loved one with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be very challenging and can result in burnout of even the most devoted family member over time. Our caregivers are trained in how to recognize the different stages of these conditions, manage difficult behaviors, and keep family members and healthcare providers up to date on the senior’s condition.
Respite Care Heading Image

Respite Care

Caring for a senior family member is very rewarding, but it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Taking time away to “recharge” periodically is one of the best things family members can do for their relationship with a senior. Our caregivers can provide intermittent or ongoing respite care, for an afternoon, evening, or for overnight stays.
Overnight Stays and 24-Hour Care Heading Image

Overnight Stays and 24-Hour Care

Our in-home senior care services are available every day of the week, and every hour in the day, even overnight. That includes 24-hour care if needed.