Marti's reason for being a caregiver


In 1986, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  It was important that she be cared for after a horrible car accident.

'My husband and I moved in with her shortly thereafter to share with the responsibilities.  I continued to work at my main job, but it was important to be there in the evenings, especially to see that she ate well and enjoyed a little entertainment before a good night's sleep.  I helped take care of her for about 4 years.  We went on errands together; she especially loved being taken in a wheelchair to the mall.  Several times we went to the beach and she enjoyed the sand in a shaded area for the first time in a long time.  We were living in South Florida during a volatile hurricane one night.  She became disorientated and came up the stairs and crawled into bed with my husband and I.  She thought she was about 7 years old and was very frightened.  I talked her through the storm and finally she went to sleep.  She progressively became more in need of fulltime care and moved to a location where her daily needs were met.

I missed the time we shared.  It is one of the most important and happy memories of my mom.  I want to bring cheerfulness to others that are advancing in age and need someone who will understand their slowness, their hesitancy, their need to share stories and who will respect them for who they are regardless.  I would want someone to do that for me.

Seniors Helping Seniors fulfills that for me and fulfills that definitely for the people we serve.  It is a joy to work for Seniors Helping Seniors, especially with the clients.  They're priceless."

Marti - Seniors Helping Seniors, Care Provider