Meet the Care Providers of Seniors Helping Seniors


Welcome to my blog.  I am Sherri Juergensen, owner of Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services of West St Louis County.  I believe the Seniors Helping Seniors difference is our caregivers.  All of our caregivers are seniors themselves.  They can relate to and truly want to help another senior.  Throughout my blog I will introduce you to our caregivers by sharing their responses to a simple question I asked them,

Why do you work for Seniors Helping Seniors?

“I have such pleasant memories of listening to my grandparents tell stories of their pasts. And even as my parents aged I loved hearing their life stories.  It gives me a certain feeling of comfort and happiness to be around and in conversation with my elders. I enjoy giving them the respect and care they deserve.  With all the wisdom they have gained through life experiences, I can't help but absorb knowledge in their presence. As I enter my senior years, I know very well how much other seniors have given of themselves to others and I just feel good being able to give something that adds comfort to their lives.  Being a care provider with Seniors Helping Seniors homecare has given me another opportunity to do just that and more.”

Jan - Seniors Helping Seniors Care Provider