Ellen's interest in being a caregiver


When I first heard about SENIORS HELPING SENIORS I was both intrigued and excited about the idea of "seniors" as caregivers.  As a seasoned caregiver for older adults in various health care settings, I have come to enjoy and appreciate the wealth of wisdom, insight, humor, and life-experiences they have to offer, and that these are attributes that must be both respected and preserved in today's fast-paced techno-digital world.  I have also come to realize that often it is very comforting and reassuring for many older adults to be cared for by a peer-someone who can identify with and understand issues that impact the elderly on a daily basis, and often share the same likes such as old movies, museums, libraries, crosswords/other puzzles, and so forth, but are also able to assist with other things, such as activities of daily living and computer/technology navigation.  These seemingly simple things have such a positive impact on our physical health as well, and it is very gratifying as a caregiver to help seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible if that is their desire. What a great idea, and what a great prospect for our own futures as well!