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VOYCE 20th Annual Caregiver Awards Luncheon

Please join Seniors Helping Seniors in honoring and thanking caregiver, Linda Hogan on her nomination at the VOYCE Caregiver Awards Luncheon today. We are also proud to announce that Seniors Helping Seniors caregiver, Ann Hartman was an award recipient at … Read More

Alzheimer's Walk - Saturday, September 6

  So we at Seniors Helping Seniors have been gearing up for this Saturday's walk for Alzheimer's.  We have raised more than $1500 and have a good sized team participating, including some of our caregivers.  We will have a booth … Read More

Matter of Balance Classes

  A Matter of Balance is an award winning program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults. As a certified instructor for Oasis and MEAAA, I will be conducting A Matter of Balance … Read More

Ellen's interest in being a caregiver

  When I first heard about SENIORS HELPING SENIORS I was both intrigued and excited about the idea of "seniors" as caregivers.  As a seasoned caregiver for older adults in various health care settings, I have come to enjoy and … Read More

Marti's reason for being a caregiver

  In 1986, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  It was important that she be cared for after a horrible car accident. 'My husband and I moved in with her shortly thereafter to share with the responsibilities.  I continued to … Read More

Why Connie became a caregiver

  "There is great need in St. Louis for affordable helpers for older people, who are often alone all day in their homes. The help they need is often for someone to be with them, to be interested in  them, … Read More